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Go green with M+! Safe for you, safe for environment!

Mplus is a water-based cleaner with mineral water technology, degreaser, deodorizer, and disinfectant concentrate that is non-toxic. It is formulated to be safe for use on all surfaces and is effective in removing dirt, grime, and stains. Mplus is also environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

Mplus is a versatile cleaning solution that can be used in various industries such as the food industry, high-altitude deodorization, food service, steel industry, livestock industry, and agriculture and fisheries. Mplus is a safer alternative to caustic soda such as NaOH and surfactants, which are highly corrosive and toxic.

If you are looking for other non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning solutions, Mplus is the answer.

About Us
We prioritize both the environment and your hygiene as essential considerations.

At M Plus, our goal is to revolutionize the cleaning, degreasing, disinfecting, and deodorizing process in order to protect our health and environment. We are committed to making a positive impact on our planet by removing harmful chemicals commonly found in traditional cleaning products. You can trust that our M Plus products are safe for you and the environment. Our solutions have been carefully developed without any chemicals to eliminate any potential risks associated with their usage. By harnessing the power of natural ingredients, we have created a range of effective and eco-friendly alternatives that can globally replace chemical-based cleaning products. We invite you to join us in this important mission to prioritize the well-being of both humans and the environment and create a better world for future generations.

Maintaining Flawless Hygiene

Our company prioritizes secure and non-toxic products. We guarantee top-notch outcomes with no extra chemicals, unnecessary embellishments, or deceptive tactics. We omit components that endanger our loved ones.

Elevating Environmental Awareness

With M+ products, you get peace of mind as they’re safe for your family and employee eco-friendly. We believe in environmental conservation, so our products don’t create toxic wastewater or harm natural water bodies.

Mineral Water Technology


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Why Choose Us

M+ (Highly Concentrated Alkaline Ionized Water-PH14)

M+, Highly Concentrated Alkaline Ionized Water, revolutionary mineral water technology incorporating food additives like Na and K. This cutting-edge advancement effectively eliminates odors and achieves superior environmental purification. Notably, this innovation prioritizes utmost safety as it effectively tackles unpleasant odors without any presence of harmful substances or pollutants.

The Revolutionary Solution: Mineral Water Technology

Introducing M+ Solution, a revolutionary breakthrough driven by the cutting-edge Mineral Water Technology. Experience an exceptional transformation as cleaning reaches unparalleled heights with this remarkable innovation.

No Toxic

M+ Highly Concentrated Alkaline Ionized Water Solution with food additives instead of chemicals, is secure for use and has no negative impacts on humans.


The solution is a safe alkaline solution with a Ph level of 14, harmless to the environment. It does not contain any additives, making it eco-friendly.

Reduced Cost

Lower labor costs, reduced work time, streamlined processes, decreased water usage, lower energy consumption, improved sustainability, and increased work efficiency.

Our Product

Introducing our versatile product M Plus (M+), also known as Highly Concentrated Alkaline Ionized Water. This innovative cleaner contains over 95 percent water, along with ionized K+ and Na+ ions. It has a liquid form and is unscented and non-toxic. M+ serves a wide range of purposes, making it a multi-purpose cleaner and laundry detergent. It is also effective as a deodorizer, degreaser, disinfectant, and pesticide residue remover. Furthermore, it enhances water quality. With its powerful and eco-friendly formula, M Plus (M+) is the perfect solution for all your cleaning needs.

M+ vs Conventional Detergent

M+Conventional Detergent
IngredientsIonized K+, Na+, Si+Surfactant, Bleach, Fluorescent bleaching agents, etc.
Detergency2.6 times stronger than water (when pH10.5)2.2 times stronger than water
(remove the fundamental cause)
Sterilizing PowerAlmost every germs and bacteria are killed in 30 secondsSlight
ToxicityNoneVery toxic
(causes many decease)
(reduces work time and water used)
A lot of foaming
(work time and water use ↑)
Chemical ResidueNonea lot of residue even after 5 times of rinse

M+, a safe and environmentally-friendly alternative, offers a viable solution to conventional chemical detergents.

It is crucial to emphasize the potential risks associated with specific chemical substances commonly present in industry and household cleaning products. One noteworthy example is sodium hydroxide (NaOH), which acts as a fundamental element in numerous traditional detergents. NaOH, also referred to as caustic soda or lye, is an extremely corrosive compound that can lead to severe skin and eye irritation. Ingesting it can result in significant internal injuries.
Moreover, conventional detergents frequently include other potentially dangerous ingredients such as preservatives. While these additives are essential for preventing microbial growth and prolonging product shelf life, some preservatives might have adverse impacts on human health.

M+ Application area

Safe pH14 M+ Versatile Cleaning Solution. Suitable for homes, businesses, and industries, M+ guarantees safety and cleanliness. Harmless to humans and the environment, M+ is the ideal choice for optimal cleaning performance. Choose Safe pH14 M+ for a safer and cleaner environment.


M plus is unparalleled in terms of versatility. Whether you seek first-rate laundry detergents, power-packed deodorants, supercharged degreasers, potent disinfectants, residual pesticides, or incredible water enhancers—a complete range of solutions is found in M plus. It unfailingly pledges to provide a secure, thriving, and immaculate atmosphere—a champion of a safe, healthy, and clean environment.


Our advanced technology safely eliminates odors without any contaminants or harmful substances.


Small particles penetrate deep and have strong cleanliness capabilities.


The robust alkaline nature of M+ generates an inhospitable bacterial environment.


Safely eliminate grease and grime without corrosive chemicals. Our non-toxic degreasing solution ensures a sparkling clean.