M Plus Mineral Water Technology

Safe pH14 M+ Versatile Cleaning Solution is a highly alkaline ionized water and effective product that caters to various cleaning needs. This exceptional solution can be utilized in a plethora of settings, including residential homes, commercial establishments, and even industrial sectors. Notably, M+ boasts its ability to promote safety and cleanliness in any environment it is employed.

The remarkable feature of M+ lies in its harmlessness towards both human beings and the surrounding environment. By choosing M+ for your cleaning purposes, you are ensuring the creation of a safe and hygienic environment for all. This versatile cleaning solution has been meticulously formulated to provide optimal cleaning performance, without compromising on safety and well-being.

With Safe pH14 M+ Versatile Cleaning Solution, you can have peace of mind knowing that your cleaning activities are not only efficient but also environmentally friendly. Take the step towards a safer and cleaner environment by choosing M+ today.


The M+ solution with a safe ph14-level is suitable for various household cleaning and disinfection purposes. This versatile solution effectively cleans and disinfects kitchens and bathrooms. Additionally, it can safely sterilize food, laundry, and effectively wash clothes. Its complete harmlessness to the human body allows for its confident usage with children's toys and baby items.

Laundry • Dish Wash • Bathroom Cleaner • Tile • Carpet • Glass Sanitizer • Body Wash • Hand Soap • Kitchen | Oven • Sink Jewelry • Bath Tub • Toilet • Toy Cleaner • Surface • Washing vegetables and fruits • Remove stubborn stains • Disinfection (sterilization and deodorization) • Pet Cleaning and Deodorization


The M+ solution is manufactured using food additives like NaCl and KCl together with our specialized Mineral Water Technology. By employing this technique, we have successfully developed the highly concentrated alkaline ionized water. Our product is completely odorless and poses no harm to the human body, rendering it highly suitable for industries requiring meticulous cleaning and disinfection, such as the restaurant sector.

Table cleaning • Restaurant floor cleaning, • Restroom cleaning and sterilization • Odor removal • Rrefrigerator cleaning/deodorization • Oven cleaning • Grill cleaning • Fryer Machine


Sick building syndrome • Deodorant • Water quality improvement • Soil improvement agent


The M+ safe pH14 solution is an ideal choice for the food industry when it comes to cleaning food equipment. It serves as a substitute for both NaOH and synthetic detergents. With its superior cleaning properties and safe composition, this solution offers a reliable and efficient alternative for maintaining hygiene standards in your food processing facility. By using M+ safe pH14 solution, you can ensure the cleanliness and safety of your food equipment, thus promoting a healthy and sanitized environment for food production.

Air purification · Wastewater treatment · Deodorization · Food production fryer cleaning · Oven cleaning · Production equipment cleaning · Wax peeling · Precision parts cleaning, Landfill · Food processing plants · Sewage treatment plants · Chemical product manufacturing sites · Workplaces generating harmful gases, etc. All places with bad odors · Cutting Equipment · Machinery(washes and degreases pressing machines · Optics · Paint Parts · Semiconductor · Hardening Machine for Painting etc.

Plating Machinery Parts(degreases while cleaning equipment) · Machinery and improves maintenance of equipment-prevents putrefaction and neutralizes odor · Cleaning of maintenance parts for automotive and aircraft.


M+ Safe pH level 14 solution prevents algae growth in fisheries, maintaining optimal water conditions for fish health. It discourages the proliferation of green and red algae, which can cause issues like oxygen depletion and reduced water clarity. Our solution maintains pH levels and improves water quality for a healthier ecosystem.

Livestock Farming

By incorporating M+ livestock drinking water, the livestock's immune system can be enhanced through a detoxifying effect, leading to decreased stress levels and averting the onset of different ailments.
Application of M+ livestock deodorizing water both internally and externally within the livestock shelter offers a substantial enhancement to the animals' surroundings. This is accomplished through the decomposition of odor-causing bacteria, resulting in a significantly improved livestock environment.

Reduces odor in livestock sheds · Improvement of livestock environment · strengthen immunity · reduce stress in livestock · Improve quality · Safe working environment without hazardous substances · Prevention of environmental pollution · Increase efriciency and productivity by eliminating waste water


We present a comprehensive remedy for generating nutritious food by enhancing the condition of soil disrupted by chemical fertilizers and diverse pesticides. This solution effectively aids in cultivating crops while minimizing the reliance on pesticides. Additionally, it contributes to the production of top-notch agricultural goods by decomposing any lingering traces of pesticides.

Strengthening immunity (disease prevention) · Strengthening nutrient absorption · Increasing harvest rate · Reducing pesticide use · Improving growth speed (shortening cultivation period) · Improving taste and flavor · Increasing pulp sugar content· Decomposing residual pesticides/harmful ingredients · Removal of pesticide residues· Acidic soil improvement, Far-infrared fertilizer

Production Plant

Cutting Equipment & Machinery:
Cleans and eliminates grease from various machinery, including pressing machines, optics, paint parts, semiconductors, and hardening machines used in painting processes, among others.

Rinsing & Painting Booths:
The utilization of hydro-soluble coolant effectively inhibits putrefaction of diluted tank water, offering valuable sludge control and degreasing capabilities.

Plating & Machinery Parts:
Degreases equipment and machinery while simultaneously providing thorough cleaning, thus enhancing the maintenance process. Its proactive approach curbs putrefaction, effectively neutralizes unpleasant odors.