M Plus Mineral Water Technology

Imagine a world where cleaning no longer contributes to environmental degradation or compromises human health. Say goodbye to conventional cleaning products that pollute the environment through toxic chemicals, come with hefty price tags due to expensive production costs, and pose hazards to your well-being. Instead, picture a revolutionary solution that not only cleans effectively but also minimizes costs and fosters a safer, greener world.

Introducing an Innovative Solution Mineral Water Technology

Introducing M+(OH-) Water, a game-changing innovation powered by Mineral Water Technology. With this extraordinary advancement, cleaning becomes an extraordinary experience.

What is the M+?

M+ is an eco-friendly material made by ionizing potassium and sodium, minerals essential to our body. It is new concept detergent that is highly effective in sterilizing as well as removing odors and contaminants.

Characteristics of M+

1. Highly concentrated multi-purpose cleaning water reduces water particles to penetrate and separate pollutants.

2. The main components are K(Potassium) and Na(Sodium) ions, which are essential minerals for the human body, so they are safe.

3. At the same time as cleaning, a large number of nagative ions are emitted, which makes the working site refreshed.

4. Completely chemical-free, so you can work in an enclosed space.

5. Minerals are coated on the cleaned side, so the dirt not sit easily, making it convenient to care for the device.

6. Since it is not a hazardous chemical, it is not subject to the Chemical Substances Control Act, so it does not require a separate facility.

7. There is no need for wastewater treatment after use, but rather it helps the environment by purifying contaminated water.

8. Long shelf life, easy on sensitive skin, 100% biodegradable, clean, disinfect surfaces, degrease tough build-up completely deodorizes, 100% non-toxic, reduce energy and water use.

Benefit of M+

Gentle to the Planet

Conventional cleaning products inundate our environment with toxic chemicals, endangering wildlife and ecosystems. M+ Water, on the other hand, is a green product, derived from mineral water, that refuses to compromise our natural world. Embrace a future where cleaning and sustainability go hand in hand.

Cost-effective and Efficient

Why pay excessive amounts for chemical-laden cleaning solutions when there's a better alternative available? M+ Water is not just safe for the environment; it also trims down costs by harnessing affordable production materials. Say goodbye to exorbitant price tags and embrace a budget-friendly cleaning solution without sacrificing quality.

Healthier Homes, Healthier Families

Conventional cleaning products often contain harmful substances that pose risks to human health. Why expose yourself and your loved ones to unnecessary hazards? M+ Water is specially designed to be safe for human use. Bid farewell to chemical-related allergies, respiratory issues, and skin irritations, and welcome a healthier, cleaner home environment.

Preserving Precious Water

Excessive water usage during cleaning contributes to wasteful practices. But with M+ Water, a marvel of innovation, you can conserve water like never before. This cutting-edge technology eradicates the need for heavy rinsing, ensuring efficient cleaning while safeguarding our planet's most vital resource.

M+ Water is a game-changer that replaces conventional cleaning products with a colorless, odorless, and drinkable solution. This water-based marvel sterilizes, cleanses, and deodorizes effectively, without the need for harsh chemicals.

Embrace the future of cleaning – a future that is safe, sustainable, and cost-effective. Choose M+ Water and join the revolution in creating a cleaner, greener world.